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          PFEIFFLE LAW OFFICE, P.C. was established in the Summer of 2010 by Alexander B. Pfeiffle, J.D. Based in West Michigan, we are a full-service law firm with the specialized knowledge and experience to handle every case, from the basics to the highly complex.  We strive to exceed our clients' needs and expectations in the most effective manner possible.  Below are some of our practice areas; if you would like to schedule a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Estate Planning

*  Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney                           (Durable and Healthcare)
*  Probate & Estate Tax Avoidance
*  Probate Administration & Litigation
*  Guardianships/Conservatorships
*       and more...

Business/Corporate Law

*  Business Formation (C-Corps, S-Corps,              LLCs, PLLCs/PCs, Non-Profits, etc.)

*  Contract Preparation, Interpretation                  and/or Negotiation

*  Commercial Litigation

*  Collections

*       and more...

Property/Real Estate Law

*  Residential/Commercial Transactions

*  Land Contracts

*  Deeds (Quitclaim, Warranty, & Lady Bird)

*  Landlord/Tenant 

*  Condominiums

*  Real Estate Litigation

*  Collections

*       and more...

Civil Litigation

*  Contract Disputes

*  Property Liens/Easements

*  Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure Violations

*  Personal Injury

*  Alternative Dispute Resolution                               (Negotiation - Mediation - Case Evaluation       - Arbitration)

*       and more...

Family Law

*  Divorce

*  Child Custody and Parenting Time Disputes

*  Child Support - Spousal Support

*       and more...

Legal Links/Resources

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In The News

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Local Recommendations

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